Uganda at 50

Uganda celebrated its fiftieth year of independence last week. The celebration has been met with mixed reactions, howeve. While on the one hand, the country has seen economic growth and a decline in unemployment over the last decades, political tensions are on the rise as president Yoweri Museveni continues to silence any political dissent. Meanwhile, the hunt for the illusive Joseph Kony and what is left of his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) continues unabated.


Supporters of president Museveni seemed to agree with the “10 bottlenecks” he pointed out for the future of a successful Uganda. Museveni’s call for improvement of health care, education and infrastructure, to name a few, were echoed in New Vision, one of the major newspapers of Uganda. The newspaper, which is state-run and thus broadly supportive of the Museveni regime, posted an opinion article on the future of Uganda by a local marketer who suggested a “rebranding” of Uganda. The author envisioned this “new” Uganda as a modern and clean country, proudly shown to tourists by its citizens.

Gepubliceerd (online) op IBMAG Magazine.